Women's Ministry Department


Women’s Ministry in the Pentecostal Assemblies of the West Indies Barbados District has a rich heritage and also in our local church. Over the years women have been very active in prayer, visitation, and also working with their hand sewing and other ways to help missionaries and pastors in small struggling churches. The Women’s Ministry or Women’s Missionary Council, as it was previously called, was the backbone of the church. Women are still the backbone even today though over the years a lot of things have changed. The name “Women’s Ministry is used because it is a call to every woman to be in some kind of ministry as the Lord enables her. We are not only focused on helping missions but being in ministry ourselves, each person is a minister.

Women’s Ministry purpose in the local church is for women to be encouraging each other in their walk with the Lord. The older women are to teach the younger women sometime by speech but mostly by example. We meet from time to time to pray together and express our concerns and bond as sisters in Christ. We have a visitation team that is an arm of our ministry but for several months has been interactive due to lack of transportation.

Our desire is to see women grow in their faith and have opportunities to minister to others and develop their gifts and talents. We are proud of our women and their ability to share God’s Word, write poetry, sing and play instruments. We make sure they are given many opportunities and enjoy seeing them grow over the years as we take over several church services each year. We say thank you to the pastors and leadership of Paynes Bay Pentecostal Church for their love and support of the ladies and allowing the women to minister.

The leadership of this department operates at this time with a committee of Kathleen Payne, Antoinette Williams and Lisa Ifill.

I personally have been working with woman’s ministry for 5 years.

Mrs. Kathleen Payne
Committee Member
Women Missionary Department