How could God love me, a sinner so lost?

That He sent His only son to die, what a cost

He thought I was worth it, even from long ago

And I want to shout it for the whole world to know


For God so loved a sinner like me

And He willingly came to set me free

He did it for you too, if you would answer the call

Because He doesn't just love one, but He loves us all


Yes all the way to Calvary Jesus went and hung on a tree

And just like the thief some of us were as vile as he

But victory was won the minute Jesus did die

Our risen Saviour is now in heaven on high


Aren't you glad for God's perfectly executed plan

And how His heart's desire is to save fallen man

The spotless sacrifice of His only begotten son He gave

His blood runs far and wide for the whole world to save


To you who are here saying you don't know what to do

I want to introduce my Saviour and my King to you

When I am lonely, sick, scared, and all I can do is cry

I know He is there looking down on me from high


They say God don't come but He does send and that my friend is true 

So I recommend my Saviour, my God and my King to you

So accept Christ before its too late He will come wash and make you a person new

The Angels will rejoice because they can't wait for you to join the crew


So This Good Friday morning I say thank you to God my King

And when you look over your life I'm sure you too have all rights to sing

Because we are blessed to have a Saviour we are blessed to have a friend 

Who would stick close to us until the very end.


BY: Mrs. Tamara Yearwood






Hallelujah! Praise the Lord my Jesus He has won the victory

Because He died, then He rose, and He did it all for me

You see the devil thought he won when Jesus hung upon the tree

He laughed when Jesus was left there for everyone to see


But, up from the grave my Jesus He arose, praise His name

It's time to take salvation seriously my friends it's not a game

How can you play when Jesus gave His life for the whole world

He died for every man, woman, boy and every girl.


Thank you for the cross Lord, Amazing is Your love

I'm forever grateful that God sent You from up above

You walked upon the earth for us You suffered and You bled

And You did this all willingly, with thorns upon Your head


So this Easter morning church, we can shout boldly, God's not dead

Because He is risen, and is living in heaven now instead 

Hallelujah my God overcame the world and is alive forevermore 

We serve a risen Saviour, one that the whole world should adore.



BY: Mrs. Tamara Yearwood





There is a door that is always open

To welcome anyone who wants to come in

There you will find your peace of mind

And the love of God within


This door is not made of wood or metal

This door does not squeak or swing

Just put your trust, faith and belief in Jesus

And see what joy he brings. 


By: Mrs. Caroline Payne